Friday, January 14, 2011

Right Handed Vs Left Handed: Who is Superior?

Right Handed Vs Left Handed: Who is Superior?

Difference between Left Handed and Right Handed

Being right handed or left handed isn’t really something that is chosen but something that happens as you grow up. You either start writing right handed or you start left handed. The majority of the world is right handed and only about 7-10% of adults are left handed. Left handed individuals have a pretty hard time in the world because many things aren’t made left handed. Everything from cameras to the computer mouse and cars are made for the right handed person. In colleges the desk is always to the right side, making it hard for a left handed person.

Almost all products when made were and are made for right handed users. This is because only 7-10% of the adults in this world are left handed. This makes it difficult for left handed persons to use different products like guitars or notebooks and binders. Think about baseball gloves back in the day. They were made only for right handed users, so all left handed people couldn’t really play baseball without it causing a problem. This has been corrected in the baseball world, but as for notebooks, binders and computer devices, no such luck for left handed users!

However the upside is that many left handed individuals are above average intellectually. There are quite a few geniuses that were left handed and many left handed people are highly skilled in math, art and sports. These same individuals also are stronger because they have to deal with more ridicule and a harder time trying to using the components that society and manufactures make for us. It’s harder to cope with but those individuals grow up being stronger and more educated.


* Only 7 – 10% of the adult population is left handed, the rest are obviously right handed.
* Left handed individuals are known to be highly intelligent and many are very skilled in sports, art and other subjects.
* Right handed individuals have an easier time learning how to write and have an easier time in school because the desks cater to right handed people.
* It’s harder for left handed people to use a computer mouse, cameras and other things that are made for a right hander. However this challenge helps left handed individuals gain a stronger appreciation for hard work.

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